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Benefits of Massage

Massage:  Systematic & scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining and/or maintaining health

Americans are increasingly realizing the benefits of massage. People are turning to massage therapy for relief from injuries as well as a way of coping with the stresses of daily life.                                     

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, studies have found time and time again that massage has powerful physical and emotional effects. For instance, massage reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles, increases endorphins, and much more!

Massage affects every system of the body:

> CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM - improves blood circulation, decreases blood pressure, replenishes nutritive materials, promotes removal of waste products, reduces heart rate, lowers pulse rate  

> LYMPHATIC/IMMUNE SYSTEMS - promotes lymph circulation, reduces lymphedema (swelling), increases lymphocyte (type of white blood cell) count  

> SKIN - improves skin's condition, texture, and tone, reduces skin dryness, reduces superficial keloid formation  

> NERVOUS SYSTEM - reduces stress, reduces anxiety, increases dopamine levels, increases serotonin levels, reduces cortisol levels, decreases pain  

> MUSCULAR SYSTEM - relieves muscular tension, reduces muscle soreness & fatigue, reduces trigger point formation, increases range of motion, increases flexibility  

> CONNECTIVE TISSUES - promotes fracture healing, reduces excessive scar formation, increases mineral retention in bone, reduces surface dimpling of cellulite  

> RESPIRATORY SYSTEM - strengthens respiratory muscles, improves pulmonary functions  

> DIGESTIVE SYSTEM - promotes evacuation of the colon, relieves constipation, stimulates digestion


Miscellaneous effects of massage:

- Increases mental alertness  
- Reduces fatigue and increases vigor  
- Improves sleep patterns  
- Reduces job related stress  
- Improves mood  
- Decreases feelings of anger 
- Improves body image  
- Improves self-esteem  
- Improves lifestyle habits  
- Increases physical well-being  
- Reduces touch aversion and touch sensitivity  
- Increases academic performance                                                     

* Source: Salvo, S. (2003). Massage therapy; Principles and practice (2nd ed.). Louisiana: Saunders.                      

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